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The book Masters of terror, contains the most complete set of profiles available so far of the key suspects in the 1999 destruction of East Timor. The book aims to support the cry for justice in East Timor.

This website presents the data in Chapter 6 of that book in a highly accessible way. It uses hundreds of internal cross-links. Use the buttons on the left and top to navigate ('Home' always takes you back to this page). Each button sorts the profiles in a different way - by legal status as suspects, by seniority, by the institutions where they worked, or by their last name. Alternatively, click on parts of the map of East Timor to see what happened there and who was responsible. A separate list highlights the worst atrocities in 1999.

The entire contents of this site are downloadable as a zip file (~700 kb) here. Once downloaded, extract to a new folder (using folder names) and click on ‘index.htm’ with an internet browser.

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