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MajGen (ret) H R Garnadi

Assistant Coordinating Minister I (Feisal Tanjung) /Home Affairs

As assistant to Coordinating Minister Feisal Tanjung, Garnadi sat on two teams sent out from Jakarta to Dili to monitor developments in East Timor and liaise with Unamet. (For details of P3TT and P4OKP, see Feisal Tanjung.) He was secretary of P4OKP,[1] and deputy chairman of P3TT.[2] This was the formal institutional home of intelligence experts MajGen Zacky Anwar Makarim and BrigGen Glenny Kairupan, two men who are suspected of having played an active role in organising militias.

He was the author of a secret report to the Coordinating Minister of Politics and Security entitled 'The report of the Politics and Security Team in Dili. Subject: General Assessment if Option 1 Loses' dated 3 July 1999. The report called for a large scale coordinated plan for evacuation from East Timor and recommended that vital installations or objects be destroyed.[3] It was of a preliminary nature, according to the scholar and Unamet officer Geoffrey Robinson.[4] The final report of KPP HAM recommended he be investigated for his authorship of this report, which it said proposed 'repression and scorched earth' in the event of the first option being rejected.

Garnadi (a military academy graduate of 1965) did not merely write memos. The so-called Garnadi Document was written from Dili, and there is evidence that he actively organised militias there. One militia source who had come to Java after the Indonesian withdrawal from East Timor named him as one of four such organisers. The others were Col Gerhan Lentara, MajGen Sjafrie Syamsuddin, and MajGen Adam Damiri.[5] He said he was prepared to testify in court provided his safety could be guaranteed. This tends to confirm the suspicion of some human rights investigators that the P4OKP team in particular did much more than merely liaise with Unamet.[6]

Extra Information

Current Status:
K - KPP HAM. Listed in the 31/01/2000 report of the Indonesian commission of inquiry into atrocities committed in East Timor in 1999. More junior figures in Appendix 5 of the final report are added here under their superiors.

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