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Battalion 745 withdrawal - 21/09/1999 - Battalion 745 withdrawal

Battalion 745, a territorial battalion consisting mostly of East Timorese soldiers, was based at Los Palos. It was commanded by Maj (Inf) Jacob Djoko Sarosa. The indictment for crimes against humanity presented against Sarosa before the Dili Special Panel on 6 November 2002 details 25 acts of murder or disappearance committed by the batttalion just before and during its withdrawal from Los Palos in the direction of Indonesian West Timor between 8 and 21 September 1999. Many were killed along the way simply because they were visible from the convoy. One of those murdered was the Dutch journalist Sander Thoenes, on the outskirts of Dili on 21 September. The murders took place at the explicit instructions of its commander.


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Suspects implicated in this event:
Maj Jacob Djoko Sarosa
MajGen Adam Damiri
MajGen Zacky Anwar Makarim
Col Nur Muis
LtCol Yayat Sudrajat
Col Tono Suratman
MajGen Kiki Syahnakri
Gen Wiranto


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