Masters of Terror
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- Col Nur Muis
- Col Sunarko
- Col Mudjiono
- Col Gerhan Lentara
- Col Tono Suratman
- Col Nanang Priadi
- Col Irwan Kusnadi
- LtCol Lukito
- LtCol Supadi
- LtCol Tatang Zaenuddin
- LtCol Yayat Sudrajat
- LtCol Hardiono Saroso
- LtCol Nus RN Rahasia
- LtCol Wioyotomo Nugroho
- Maj Jacob Djoko Sarosa
- Maj Yakraman Yagus
- Maj Julianto
- Maj Ahmad Susetyo
- Maj Eriet Hadi Uriyanto
- Maj Bambang Wisnumurthy
- Maj Dedi Erimpi
- Capt Tatang
- Lt Camilo dos Santos
- Sgt Anwar
- Col (Pol) Timbul Silaen
- Abilio Soares
- Eurico Guterres
- Armindo Soares Mariano
East Timor
Government and the military in Indonesia (including East Timor in 1999) are organised into a hierarchy of five or six levels. This database does not include the lowest, village, level, and only rarely the sub-district level (kecamatan). Most abuses directly involved personnel from district level official organisations (kabupaten for civil service, Kodim for the military). There were 13 in East Timor. Above that comes the province (East Timor in this case). The military had a sub-area command (Korem) for all East Timor. (Usually) above that the military have the military area (Kodam, based in Denpasar for East Timor). Then comes Jakarta.
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