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Sub-area command (Korem) 164

Capt (Inf) Agus Suwarno/ Winarno

Officer at East Timor military command (Kasesterpol, or Pasi Kanwil Ter, at Korem Wiradharma)

Capt Agus Suwarno was indicted before the Dili special for crimes against humanity (Case 13/ 2003) over his role in an attack against the Catholic Diocesan Chambers (Camra Eclesestica) in Dili at about 2:30pm on 5 September 1999, the day after the ballot result was announced. Refugees sheltering in the chambers saw men wearing the black shirts of the Aitarak militia attack and burn the offices, leaving an estimated 15 dead and 15-20 seriously injured. The attack took place as other military and police observed passively, and as Bishop Belo was pleading with Suwarno’s superiors Col Nur Muis and Gen Wiranto for assistance.

KPP HAM had earlier also listed him among the direct perpetrators in Appendix 5 of its final report and recommended he be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.[1]

Leading the attack with him was Mateus de Carvalho, also indicted in Dili. More details are there.

A Captain Agus Winarna, listed by the Portuguese human rights organisation CDPM as Pasi Kanwil Ter active at the Korem headquarters, is likely to be the same person. We are not familiar with either the Kasesterpol or Pasi Kanwil Ter positions in the military hierarchy. A 1997 news report suggests he may have been seconded to be in charge of the Justice Department in East Timor – a common pattern in the militarised territory.[2]

Extra Information

Implicated in Events:
Diocese - 5/09/1999 - Attack on Dili diocesan office

Current Status:
T - Committed for trial in East Timor, some already sentenced.

K - KPP HAM. Listed in the 31/01/2000 report of the Indonesian commission of inquiry into atrocities committed in East Timor in 1999. More junior figures in Appendix 5 of the final report are added here under their superiors.

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[1] 'Full report of the Investigative Commission into Human Rights Violations in East Timor (KPP-HAM)', chapter 3 in the present publication, section IV.7.

[2] ‘Pengiriman mahasiswa KKN UAJY ke Timtim: Biaya tiap mahasiswa Rp 3,2 juta’, Suara Merdeka, 8 September 1997. The syllable ‘ter’ common to both designations comes from ‘teritorial’, which signifies military intervention in routine government. A Sgt Agus Suwarno is earlier mentioned as an army officer in charge of police in Dili in November 1992 (Moses Manoharan, Reuter, 12 November 1992).


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