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District commander
District command (Kodim) 1636

LtCol Bambang G. Supriyanto

District military commander of Bobonaro (dandim 1636), 25 August- 30 September 1999

LtCol Bambang Supriyanto took over from LtCol Burhanuddin Siagian just before the ballot. He was in charge of security during the Maliana police station massacre of 8 September 1999 as well as the followup massacre at Mulau the next day. He was indicted in absentia with crimes against humanity for this command responsibility before the Dili special panel on 10 July 2003.[1] The story is described under LtCol Burhanuddin Siagian, since Siagian had been part of the preparations and remained on the scene throughout this time.

It seems LtCol Bambang Supriyanto was posted to Maliana from outside East Timor. Afterwards he became district military commander of North Central Timor, in (Indonesian) West Timor (dandim 1618). This borders East Timor at the Oecussi enclave.[2]

Extra Information

Implicated in Events:
Maliana - 8/09/1999 - Maliana police station massacre

Current Status:
T - Committed for trial in East Timor, some already sentenced.

See map of location

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[1] Indictment available on JSMP website

[2] Yemris Fointuna, ‘Locals shun presence of more refugees from Kupang’, Jakarta Post, 12 August 2002.


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