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LtCol (Pol) Budi [Munikh] Susilo

Bobonaro police chief (Kapolres), based in Maliana

Budi Susilo was indicted in absentia in Dili on 10 July 2003 for crimes against humanity for his role in the Maliana police station massacre on 8 September 1999. Four days after the ballot result was announced, this was one of the largest single massacres of 1999. At about 5pm thousands of refugees sheltering at his Maliana police station were attacked from four sides at once by the Dadurus Merah Putih militia, wearing camouflage paint or balaclavas. Behind them were soldiers from the territorial battalion, and policemen (including Brimob).[1]

Throughout the year he allowed militias openly to carry firearms and to operate roadblocks. He failed to take action against militias carrying out criminal acts in the presence of his policemen.

This was not mere negligence. The Dili indictment against him says he twice told his men before the 8 September massacre not to react if they heard screaming from the refugees camped in his station compound. The refugees had been forced since 3 September to gather at the police station by soldiers, militiamen and policemen who had driven around Maliana with loudspeakers ordering them to go there.

On 6 September he led a meeting of military and militia leaders in the main building of his police station to ask that the refugees be moved to the rear of the compound. He needed room for policemen and their families from outlying areas (polsek), who were being withdrawn to Maliana after the Indonesian loss in the ballot. By 8 September, there were 435 policemen in the compound. All but eight were armed. As the well-briefed militiamen moved in for the kill under military leadership in the late afternoon, Budi Susilo and all his men were present and watched the attack. They did nothing. Some of his men even stopped the victims from escaping from their attackers. (For details see LtCol Burhanuddin Siagian).

One observer said Budi Susilo was under severe military pressure not to interfere in militia violence. He had personally been attacked and injured by soldiers during a violent police-military dispute in Maliana at about the end of April 1999.[2]

On 16 August 1999 Budi Susilo presided at the surrender of hundreds of mostly traditional weapons by pro-integration militias. This was part of the UN-sponsored 'cantonisation' of all armed groups just before the ballot.[3] However, unlike Falintil, the pro-integration militias were not confined to cantons and the exercise did nothing to stem their violence.

Just before the ballot, police officers belonging to his command took part in a raid together with militiamen led by Natalino Monteiro (deputy rector of the University of East Timor) on the border village of Memo, 15 km from Maliana town, on 27 August. Four named East Timorese died in this attack.[4]

  • An officer under his command, Sgt-Maj (Pol) Triyono, sub-district police chief (Kapolsek) at Cailaco near Maliana, was recommended for prosecution for crimes against humanity in Appendix 5 of the report of the Indonesian inquiry into atrocities in East Timor (KPP HAM). Triyono allegedly shot dead Cornelio da Silva, a primary school teacher aged 34 (42?) on 21 April 1999. His body was left by the Ruini River.[5]

Extra Information

Implicated in Events:
Maliana - 8/09/1999 - Maliana police station massacre

Current Status:
T - Committed for trial in East Timor, some already sentenced.

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[5] 'HAK: Laporan situasi HAM Timor Timur April 1999 (1)', MateBEAN, 25 May 1999.


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