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MajGen Muchdi P R (Purwopranjono)

Former Kopassus commander; general without posting at TNI headquarters

Indonesian press reports quoted East Timorese resistance spokesperson Jose Ramos Horta as naming him in September 1999, in company with MajGen Zacky Anwar Makarim and LetGen (ret) Prabowo Subianto, as one of the generals responsible for the destruction of East Timor. No reason was quoted and the report did not appear outside Indonesia.[1] However, rumours that he visited East Timor secretly in April 1999 appear to be incorrect.

He was Kopassus commander till 'freed from all structural duties' in May 1998 after allegations Kopassus had kidnapped student activists earlier that year. Together with MajGen Zacky Makarim he was general without a posting - effectively unemployed - at TNI headquarters.


Muchdi P R was born in Java 13 April 1948. He graduated from the military academy in 1970, and served in East Timor four times. He has served in territorial posts in Irian Jaya (late 1980s, early 90s), Jambi and East Java (mid-1990s), and West Kalimantan (1997-98). Muchdi was Kopassus commander for three months in 1998, being removed upon Suharto's resignation. He seems to be a straight combat and problem-solving officer.

Extra Information

Current Status:
2 - Priority 2 for further investigation. Not included in any other formal list, but mentioned in other independent reports, bearing structural responsibility, but with minimal data so far for involvement in ET violence.

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[1] 'Tentang penjahat perang Timtim: Komisi HAM PBB akan bersidang di Jenewa', Suara Pembaruan, 21 September 1999;  'Dugaan TNI terlibat kejahatan perang: Wiranto: TNI pertahankan integrasi di Timtim', Kompas, 21 September 1999.

[2] Thanks to Douglas Kammen.


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