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District commander
District command (Kodim) 1633

LtCol Paulus Gatot Rudianto

Military district commander in Ainaro (Komandan Kodim 1633)

First reported in this position in September 1998, Paulus Gatot Rudianto was commander in Ainaro throughout 1999. His district chief of staff was first Capt (Inf) Asep S G, then Capt Yuyu Sunario (or were these the same person?), and his intelligence chief was Lt Kuswarno/ Capt Suwondono.[1]

The dominant paramilitary group in this district was Mahidi, led by Cancio Lopes de Carvalho. Together with the Sector B combat command, led in 1999 by LtCol Tatang Zaenuddin, Rudianto is likely to have been the main sponsor of this group, which had an estimated 2000 members carrying 500 firearms in April 1999.[2] A non-territorial combat battalion operating in his area was Battalion 143, but there are also reports of the related Battalion 141 here (see LtCol Saripudin, commander of Battalion 143).

Extra Information

Current Status:
D - Dunn. The report of James Dunn, consultant to the Untaet Prosecutor General Mr Mohamed Othman, April 2001.

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[1] Margot Cohen, 'Crack in the wall', Far Eastern Economic Review, 3 September 1998;

[2] Brian Woodley, 'Red and White Terror', The Weekend Australian. 1-2 May 1999.


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