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District commander
District command (Kodim) 1605
West Timor

LtCol (Inf) Sigit Yuwono

District military commander of Belu, based in Atambua (West Timor) (Dandim 1605)

As the executive chairman of a committee to handle East Timor refugees (Ketua Pelaksana Urusan Pengungsi Timtim), Sigit Yuwono was one of the key organisers, at the West Timor end, of the forced exodus of East Timorese into West Timor after the ballot result was announced. He said the refugees had come because in East Timor they were being 'terrorised, intimidated, and killed'.[1] While 600 vehicles a day were crossing the border at Motaain, he complained of a shortage of vehicles.[2]

Extra Information

Current Status:
2 - Priority 2 for further investigation. Not included in any other formal list, but mentioned in other independent reports, bearing structural responsibility, but with minimal data so far for involvement in ET violence.

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[1] 'Pengungsi Timtim di Belu minta TPS', Kompas, 21 June 1999.

[2] 'Atambua, super sibuk dan menegangkan', Kompas, 15 September 1999.


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