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District commander
District command (Kodim) 1629

LtCol (Inf) Sudrajat A S

Military district commander, Lautem, based in Lospalos (Komandan Kodim 1629)

LtCol Sudrajat A S (not to be confused with intelligence officer LtCol Yayat Sudrajat) commanded Lautem military district from November 1998. His chief of staff (kasdim) was Capt (Inf) Yoyo S, and his intelligence officer (pasi intel) was Capt (Inf) Z I Maidodga.[1]

The main militia group in the Lautem district was Tim Alfa. However, this was controlled by Kopassus (see Lt Rahman Zulkarnaen and Joni Marquez), rather than by the territorial commander. Nevertheless, Sudrajat was named in the KPP HAM report for having supplied weapons to the militia and allowing them the use of a military base.

According to a MateBEAN report, Sudrajat said at a ceremony in Lospalos in April 1999 that local citizens and officials who did not support the autonomy cause would be shot in the head. The threat created  an atmosphere of insecurity among the people of Lospalos.[2]

Two soldiers under his command were listed in Appendix 5 of the KPP HAM report for allegedly shooting a man named Thomas Soares in Lospalos (no date):

  • 2d Sgt Thomas
  • 1st Pvt Siku

The report recommended they be investigated for crimes against humanity.

Extra Information

Current Status:
K - KPP HAM. Listed in the 31/01/2000 report of the Indonesian commission of inquiry into atrocities committed in East Timor in 1999. More junior figures in Appendix 5 of the final report are added here under their superiors.

D - Dunn. The report of James Dunn, consultant to the Untaet Prosecutor General Mr Mohamed Othman, April 2001.

See map of location

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[2] 'HAK: Laporan situasi HAM Timor Timur April 1999 (3)', MateBEAN, 25 May 1999.


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