Masters of Terror
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Belo - 6/09/1999 - Attack on Bishop Belo's house, Dili

On 6 September 1999, two days after the ballot result had been announced, Aitarak militiamen and Indonesian army personnel including Kopassus elite troops, totalling about 100 men and allegedly led by Kostrad officers, torched the official residence of Bishop Belo in Dili. More than 2,000 refugees sheltering there were moved first to the police headquarters in Dili and then into Indonesian-controlled West Timor. At least two people were killed.

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Suspects implicated in this event:
Eurico Guterres
MajGen Adam Damiri
Col (Pol) Timbul Silaen
Abilio Soares
Col Nur Muis
MajGen Sjafrie Syamsuddin


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