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Battalion 621
East Timor

Maj (Inf) Dedi Erimpi

Commander, Battalion 621/ Manuntung (MTG)

Dedi Erimpi (serial no. 30031, military academy graduate of 1984) commanded an infantry battalion active in East Timor and has been mentioned in one report as being in need of investigation for human rights violations.[1] Originally from Kandangan and Tanjung, South Kalimantan, this battalion was seconded to the East Timor territorial command.

It was one of the last to leave East Timor late in September 1999.[2] On its way out, via the port of Laga near Baucau, troops including Battalion 621 reportedly engaged in 'widespread looting and property destruction by fire, as the TNI forces swept through Baucau and Lospalos.' Battalions 406 (commanded by LtCol Sonny Widjaja) and 401 (LtCol Sukoso) were mentioned in the same report.[3]

Extra Information

Current Status:
2 - Priority 2 for further investigation. Not included in any other formal list, but mentioned in other independent reports, bearing structural responsibility, but with minimal data so far for involvement in ET violence.

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[1] 'Prajurit Yonif 406/Ck digaji uang palsu', TNI Watch! 9 December 1999. This item also lists nine of his subordinate officers, ranging in rank from Captain to Lieutenant.

[2] 'TNI di Timtim: Tinggal Yon 700 dan tiga kompi pasukan elite', Kompas, 27 September 1999.

[3] East Timor Human Rights Centre, 'Urgent action (Ref: UA18/99)', 30 September 1999.


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