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Sub-district command (Koramil)

Lt Dibyo Subroto

Sub-district military commander (Komandan Koramil 1627 - 03) in Atauro Island, Dili district

Dibyo Subroto replaced Lt Soedjoko in this post in May or June 1999 and remained there till after the ballot. Atauro Island lies about 40 km north of Dili. Locals say that in the days before the ballot he terrorised at least five CNRT leaders by holding a pistol to their head as well as punching several of them. Those terrorised were Eduardo Fernandes, Januario Oliveira, Bosco de Jesus Afonso, Faustino Gomes de Sousa, and Joao de Araujo. After the ballot he boasted to Gabriel Samson, an Australian resident on Atauro, that he had killed one person for every year he had spent on duty in East Timor - sixteen. 'But I can't stand to look them in the face when I shoot them', he said. He would stroke his pistol and say: 'This is my second wife'. He also took crystal amphetamines and said he did it to cope with the stress.

After the ballot he slept alone in his headquarters in Vila, Atauro, with his armoury of about ten rifles. He feared his East Timorese soldiers might kill him if he gave them guns. At this time he unsuccessfully tried to pressure the sub-district chief (camat) into signing a declaration that Atauro people did not vote for independence and wanted to stay with Indonesia.

On 14 September 1999, just a week before Interfet troops landed in Dili, he made ten CNRT leaders stand for four hours saluting the Indonesian flag in front of his office. He drank beer and threw the empty cans at their feet, then fired his pistol at the cans. There was no militia on Atauro Island, and no buildings were burned after the ballot.[1]

Dibyo Subroto is from Surabaya. His commanding officer for most of 1999 would have been LtCol Endar Priyanto.

Extra Information

Current Status:
1 - Priority 1 for further investigation. Not included in any other formal list, but mentioned in other independent reports, and supported by considerable data.

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[1] Interview by GvK with Gabriel Samson, Atauro, 5 October 2002.


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