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Ambeno (Oecussi)

LtCol (Art) Kamiso Miran

Military district commander (Dandim 1639) Ambeno (Oecussi enclave), till August 1999

The Sakunar militia in Ambeno was led by the violent Laurentino 'Moko' Soares. Its headquarters were located in the district military headquarters. Kamiso Miran was mentioned in an indictment for crimes against humanity against the Sakunar militia in a Dili court in October 2001, as one of the government officials responsible for initiating the militia's activities. His chief of staff (kasdim), known only by his initials, was Capt (Inf) I Gst W, while his intelligence chief was Lt (Inf) Djumijo these would have had day-to-day contact with the militia.[1]


Kamiso Miran was replaced shortly before the ballot by LtCol Bambang Sungesti.


Kamiso Miran graduated from the military academy in 1981. In 1994, while still a Major, he ran the refugee camp on Galang Island, near Singapore. He presided over a venal and exploitative regime where corruption and forced sex were commonplace.[2] At the time in 1997 when he was appointed to the territorial command of Ambeno district (this is the Oecussi enclave of East Timor within West Timor) Miran was commander of the 15th Air Defence Artillery Command, based in Semarang, Java.[3]

Extra Information

Current Status:
1 - Priority 1 for further investigation. Not included in any other formal list, but mentioned in other independent reports, and supported by considerable data.

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[1] Jill Jolliffe, 'East Timor justice suffers in the big picture', Asia Times, 5 October 2001. His name appears on a list of officers who should be investigated for atrocities committed in East Timor ('Komisi HAM PBB daftar nama jenderal Indonesia', TNI Watch! posted to SiaR News Service, 29 September 1999). Subordinate officers are listed on

[2] 'Report on corruption in the screening process under the comprehensive plan of action in Galang Camp, Indonesia 20 August 1994' (posted to: [email protected]  '[Refugees] Report on corruption in screening in Indonesia' from: [email protected], 12 Jun 1996 (

[3] Antara, 20 November 1997.


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