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Sub-district commander
Sub-district command (Koramil) 1627-04

Lt Untung

Local military commander (Danramil 1627-04), Metinaro (32 km east of Dili)   

Untung is on a list of officers who according to TNI Watch! should be investigated for human rights crimes committed in East Timor.[1] He replaced Lt I Dewa Ketut Kaler some time in 1999.

One of the soldiers under his command, village level commander (Babinsa) Marcelino Soares [rank unknown], was indicted before the Dili special panel (Case 11/ 2003) for torturing three pro-independence students on 20 April 1999. One of them, Luis Soares, died of his injuries.

As the officer in charge of the Metinaro military command Lt Untung also bears responsibility for a murder allegedly committed in his office by soldiers and policemen on 6 September 1999. The following extensive quotation is from a report by an Indonesian NGO, Yayasan Pikul:

'Other information obtained while on a ship comes from Marsel Seran, a Catholic grade school teacher from the Metinaro sub-region of Dili. He said that the principal of the school, Antonio Fernandes, had already been murdered by army and Metinaro police on Monday, 6 September 1999. There had been efforts to kill him prior to that date as evidenced by the stoning of his house on Sunday, 5 September 1999 at about 21.00 Central Indonesian Time. Feeling threatened, Antonio reported the incident the following morning, Monday, 6 September, to the Metinaro army headquarters. The local police chief was there and visibly sitting not far from there were also several Indonesian soldiers. Because it was already afternoon and Antonio appeared to be hungry he was called by a soldier to the back of the headquarters to have some biscuits. After getting some biscuits, the victim returned to the headquarters. While eating his biscuit, the victim was shot three times at close range, being hit in the thigh, left arm and chest.'[2]

Extra Information

Current Status:
1 - Priority 1 for further investigation. Not included in any other formal list, but mentioned in other independent reports, and supported by considerable data.

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[1] 'Gus Dur setujui aparat militer dihukum',  TNI Watch!, 3 November 1999;

[2] 'The situation in Dili and surrounding area after announcement of the referendum results', Yayasan Pikul, 24 September 1999.


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