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My Last letter

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Hello, my friend
Maybe this is my last letter for you my truly friend
Now, I am in bored world
Please read it to all people…
If I die tomorrow…..
Please tell to them….
That I die for what I believe
So, let me rest in my eternal sleep….!
Don’t cry, and never cry if I’m gone someday..
Don’t let my soul full with your worries
If there is a God,
Bring me to the end of the place in this world
We are a humble man on the world
Filled with emotion, desire, and diseases
Don’t laughing yourself when you know it..
Don’t shame to your self when you know it
We all the same, aren’t…?
This is the last word from me…
Let the peace fill your heart…
Bye and see you….
Write: No date in 2000
Inspired by Dream Theater

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1 comment

Mus_ 05/01/2009 - 21:38

nice blog with nice posts here.


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